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Visit or Call the United Way Office


The office for the United Way of North Central Mississippi is located on the third floor of the Regions Bank building on University Drive at South Jackson Street in downtown Starkville, Miss.


The office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

The office phone number is (662) 323-3830

The office fax number is (662) 323-3858

Frequently asked questions...


How many agencies are funded by the United Way of North Central Mississippi?

The United Way helps fund 15 local charitable agencies that provide services to meet a wide variety of needs across the community. Multiple agencies serve residents in the four-county area (Oktibbeha, Winston, Choctaw and Webster counties) served by the United Way of North Central Mississippi.


I am on a tight budget. How can I afford to give?  

Every gift -- regardless of amount -- makes a difference. Whether it be a one-time gift or a modest gift per pay period the United Way will help provide solutions to the most critical needs in our community. Gifts through payroll deduction allow donors to spread their giving over the coming year, providing a more manageable option than a one-time gift.


Is my contribution tax-deductible? 

Yes. The United Way of North Central Mississippi is chartered as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with the Internal Revenue Service and Mississippi Tax Commission.


Who makes the major decisions regarding how the United Way of North Central Mississippi operates?

Ensuring adherence to bylaws and a code of ethics, setting organizational policies, financial oversight, and other administrative decisions are the responsibility of the board of directors. United Way organizations in the greater region often work together and support some of the same charitable agencies, but each United Way organization is governed by its own independent volunteer board of directors.

Who determines the amount each agency receives? 

Local volunteers from a variety of backgrounds -- business, industry, education, finance, health, military, retirees, etc. -- convene each year to meet with agency heads, tour facilities and review each agency's budget, services and requests for funding. These volunteers carefully evaluate each agency's needs and operations and work with the United Way Board of Directors to determine how contributions make the greatest impact.


How much of my donation goes to the national United Way organization? 

About 1 percent of the funds raised in the counties served by the United Way of North Central Mississippi goes to the United Way of America. In return, the local United Way has access to various promotional and other resources and free promotions during the National Football League season. The United Way of America also works with various national corporations and helps us guide local companies who want to have successful giving campaigns to benefit deserving charities like the 15 agencies served by the United Way of North Central Mississippi.

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