The Foundation of What We Do: The Campaign


The United Way's annual fundraising campaign raises the money that is distributed among the 14 member agencies to help finance their outreach and aid programs in the greater community.


The campaign officially begins in mid September and continues through mid December. A variety of events are attended by various businesses and community leaders by representatives from our agencies, educational, religious and social organizations, all of whom play a vital role in the success of the campaign each year. 


Events include the Run United, One-On-One, CityWide Tailgate, United We Feed, and more designed to motivate the community to help raise money toward the specified campaign goal and build a stronger community.


During the campaign, volunteers are needed to take the United Way story to various groups and organizations within the community to encourage giving and educate them about the various ways donations may be made to the campaign. Information about making contributions to the United Way can be found by clicking the button below.